With the standards of the Van Excellence Code providing the framework of best practice within van operations, it is your choice as to how far you want to implement the scheme to improve your business.

The basic options for embracing Van Excellence within your organisation along with the benefits of each are outlined below.

Van Excellence to improve van operations

Meeting the requirements as laid out in the Van Excellence Code requires dedication and differing levels of support on a company basis. However once you are adhering to each requirement, Van Excellence can provide benefits including:

  • improved levels of safety and therefore reduced risk of accidents and breakdowns
  • increased efficiency through improved working practices and fuel efficiency
  • improvements to compliance that in turn reduces the risk of penalties and fines

Take a look at the standards required of our Van Excellence Code or contact us for more information on how this can be applied to your operation.

Van Excellence to become recognised as a high standard operator

For operators that become successfully certified by Van Excellence, there are added benefits including:

  • external validation of internal standards
  • the chance to share and compare with other fleets
  • taking on an important leadership role for 'white van man' fleets

Find out more on how to become a Van Excellence operator

Partnering with Van Excellence

The Van Excellence programme has more than 50 Partners who agree to support its aims by promoting the development of safe and efficient best practice and recognising excellence in the operation of vans and light commercial vehicles. They are also committed to publicise these aspirations across their media and PR contacts. There are differing level of partnership: Gold, Silver and Bronze and partners benefit from:

  • sponsorship opportunities
  • association with an industry-leading scheme
  • free places at our Van Excellence events 

Take a look at our current partners or contact us to discover how you could become a partner.