Case Study - Driver Certificate of Competence

AAH Pharmaceuticals is a leading UK pharmaceutical wholesaler, delivering medicines into pharmacies across the nation twice a day with its 980-strong van fleet. A founding member of Van Excellence, AAH volunteered to trial the Van Excellence Driver Certificate of Competence training, which it originally ran with 22 drivers.

"The training is appealing because it was developed by both FTA and by major industry operators so it is very useful and realistic. It's not a course from a textbook," says Distribution Services Manager Martine Smith. The company already has strong procedures for fleet compliance including a 13-week induction process for every driver – yet it will be building the training into its 'Excellence in Pharmaceutical Distribution' programme, covering all its drivers over the next three years.

"Drivers are tested with a 30-question multiplechoice paper. We tailored the training to include some of our own procedures to make it very engaging and interactive," says Smith. "Our drivers came out absolutely buzzing and full of positive feedback. They could not wait to get their results. My phone lit up."

She says the team, who all passed, now wear their gold 'Driver Ambassador' badges with pride. And the AAH driver teams are used to high standards – one of their own veteran drivers Matthew Young won then 2016 Van Excellence Driver of the Year Award, having first taken his branch title in the company.

"Matt is a great example of what we're trying to achieve," says Smith. "A great, safe driver who consistently receives brilliant customer feedback."

She says Van Excellence's value has been both practical and inspirational. "We are passionate about what we do, and about Van Excellence. We enjoy our journey every day and our drivers enjoy it. And that makes for happy customers."


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