Case Study - Small Fleet Programme

Ajax Couriers take part in the Van Excellence Small Fleet Programme

Ajax Couriers and the Small Fleet Scheme

Kent-based Ajax Couriers specialises in same day, overnight and international parcel and pallet delivery. It runs 10 vans of its own and uses two subcontractors. Fleet Director Derek Golding says the company became involved with Van Excellence because "customers like us to demonstrate compliance and quality as an operator".
Ajax took part in the Van Excellence Small Fleet Programme and Golding says that using the technology provided made the audit process and fleet management much easier.

"I just had to upload everything into the Fleet Management system, which would also prompt me to do things. We found it a very worthwhile exercise and much easier than when we went through FORS (the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme)," he says.

He says that the process benefited the company in that safety improvements such as speed management have also paid dividends in fuel and maintenance savings. However, it has also benefited the drivers, who realise that this new way of doing things makes them safer and more professional. "We're all far more aware now
of what we are doing," says Golding.

Ajax Couriers is looking to expand in the near future and Golding likes the fact that the systems Van Excellence helped install also monitor their subcontractors. "We capture all our subbies' excess speed reports for example and I can send a message to all drivers noting infractions," he says. "If they want to work for us, they have to toe the compliance line."


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