Case Study - FTA PCN Service

Alliance Healthcare

Alliance Healthcare is a national pharmaceutical distribution company. It makes twice-daily deliveries to high-street pharmacies five days a week and once on Saturdays. Many drugs require careful, secure or tightly regulated handling and so its drivers are obliged to park close to the store and deliver during working hours. For its three sites servicing London, which run more than 350 vans between them with over 100 inside the M25, these operational necessities come at a heavy cost in the form of hundreds of penalty charge notices (PCNs) each month.

"We were spending in the region of £20,000 a month and the job of responding to the notices in a timely manner, assessing where the fault lies and appealing if possible is very time-consuming and hard for our depot staff to do efficiently," says National Logistics Manager Andy Blythe.

"FTA has become our independent arbiter of which PCNs are the result of driver misbehaviour (which we can charge back to the culprit) and which are access related. It has taken a huge administrative burden off us. The notices are paid or appealed promptly which keeps fines to a minimum and FTA writes a tailored defence of each notice it challenges.

"It has the contacts and the expertise to do this," he says. "It has also analysed our hotspots where we have repeat offences. That's enabled us to discuss changing the delivery slot or access point with customers so we can avoid the problem."

Overall Alliance now has better management of its parking violations, better data and a much better appeal rate. Since using FTA's PCN management service, Alliance estimates it has saved between 20 per cent and 25 per cent on PCN costs.


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