Case Study - Vehicle Inspections


Supermarket giant Asda has strict polices for its HGV fleet and it engages FTA's Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) regularly to provide evidence of its vehicles' roadworthiness. Senior Manager, National Fleets, Sean Clifton has extended that to its 2,000 strong LCV home delivery fleet, using this service.

"We have used the service since 2011 and it has become an important part of our compliance programme for the home delivery fleet. FTA's vehicle inspections are essential in providing compliance evidence that our vehicles are maintained to the standards we expect and they also gives us an objective view of driver and service provider performance," says Clifton.

"The gate checks take a few minutes and can quickly pick up if the driver has failed to notice obvious defects. Longer inspections look for less obvious issues and these have a different value in understanding the performance of fleet management service providers."

More detailed inspections take time and so are conducted out of hours. "We're a very time-sensitive operation and FTA is good at flexing around our operational needs," says Clifton.

Asda's drivers are well versed in daily checks, and it also has a monthly tyre repair service from Bandvulc. Nonetheless it finds value in doublechecking its own effectiveness. Points are accorded to each defect noticed, whether minor or more serious, and these are analysed against the vehicles' maintenance and duty schedule.

"The FTA vehicle checks help us make decisions around training, sourcing and service provision. It also allows me to talk to regional managers if there appear to be local issues with subcontractors or drivers," says Clifton.


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