Case Study - Operational Briefings

Kelly Group

Telecommunications expert Kelly Group has divisions spanning telecoms, broadband and railway development. It runs a fleet of 1,800 vehicles, 90 per cent of which are vans. Operations Director Dermot Coughlan regularly uses the Van Excellence Operational Briefings to stay up-to-date with legislative change and learn from the best practice experience of other fleets.

“I have been attending them for some time now,” he says. “This year we sent six or seven members of the fleet department to Van Excellence briefings around the country. Fleet people do not typically get much chance to mix with like-minded professionals, and these are the only events which are oriented to the LCV market.”
Coughlan says the events are essential for warning them of upcoming legislative change. “There’s little point preparing once a law has come into force. This way we can plan ahead.”

He also finds the generosity with which Van Excellence participants and attendees share their experiences and information valuable. “Fleet work can be very insular with little opportunity to benchmark yourselves or share ideas. At the Van Excellence events we all share our experiences, even if we are rivals, because it makes our people and the public safer. We do not compete in the realm of road safety.”

Every fleet which has gone through Van Excellence has improved something about how it runs, he believes. “Knowing best practice and knowing whether you are actually doing it are two different things,” he says.


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