Case Study - Live Drive Pro

South West Water

South West Water runs 800 vehicles, 650 of which are vans. The company wanted to cut fleet costs and enhance its road safety by improving driver behaviours. Having trialled lots of interventions, including traditional telematics, it found one which resonated with both its work force and its metrics – the FTA Live Drive Pro driver coaching system. Live Drive Pro gives real time feedback to drivers, informed by engine analytics, in order to make them more aware of their driving style and habits.

South West Water trialled the product for 14 months, starting with 10 of the worst performing vehicles in the fleet in terms of fuel and repair spend and letting the
system run 'blind' for a month to establish a baseline. A live trial followed and a second 'blind trial for validation. The results were positive, so Fleet Manager Mark Karkeek then tested the product in 54 of the newest Euro 5 vehicles.

Karkeek says there were two ways in which the product stood out for him. "It puts the driver in control and helps them to drive more safely without the need for manager intervention. It is also designed to understand how vehicles are driven so one-off rapid acceleration to enter a motorway safely won't be logged, but
repeated accelerations will be. This makes it more discriminating than standard telematics."

The year-long trial gave fuel savings over 15 per cent and drivers spent 25 per cent more time in the 'green' zone. The blind trial showed efficiency rates of 65 per cent, which rose to almost 90 per cent with the real-time coaching. 

The fleet team is now building a business case to roll Live Drive Pro out across their entire fleet of 500 vans.


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