One Fateful Day series of videos

The operation of vans is one of the riskiest elements of any business' day-to-day activities. The repercussions of an avoidable crash can affect everyone involved with the potential for severe penalties including significant fines and custodial sentences for culpable managers and directors. The level of financial penalties imposed on businesses pose can a real threat to their continuity.

FTA has commissioned a series of short videos to illustrate this risk. However you can also download the One Fateful Day video in full.

One Fateful Day video 1

The Police give an introduction and sets the scene, explaining the causes of the crash

One Fateful Day video 2

The police interview with the driver

One Fateful Day video 3

The police interview with the Operations Manager

One Fateful Day video 4

The police interview with the Managing Director

One Fateful Day video 5

A local news report detailing the outcome of the court case

Download the series in full: One Fateful Day

FTA's Van Excellence programme has been designed with the UK's best van operators to provide a best practice framework for van operation with an Operator Accreditation scheme along with training and mentoring to reach the required standards. It is a straightforward and cost-effective solution to help avoid the risks associated with accidents should the worst happen.

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