Small Fleet Programme

Ideal for operators of small van fleets who may aspire to be recognised as a Van Excellence Scheme Operator. This programme offers tailored support for small fleets of 10 vans or fewer and provides practical ways for you to improve your processes and demonstrate the required elements with Code.

The programme provides: 

  • access to fully functional online fleet management software
  • access to FTA support with:

          - electronic versions of the Guide to Van Excellence: a straightforward 'how-to' guide on running vans legally and efficiently

          - monthly email news keeping you up-to-date with all the news a van operator needs

          - a knowledge base offering useful information about all aspects of van operation

          - Member Advice Centre (MAC): one of the most valued benefits of FTA members, it is a phone call away and provides expert help

delivery of a remote Van Excellence Operator audit

Van Excellence Small Fleet Programme gives you the tools and help you need to run your vans safely, efficiently and legally and, when you feel you are ready, you can choose to be assessed against industry standards and join our certified operators that jointly run over 125,000 vans and who are raising standards across the industry.

"We run a small fleet of vans and aspire to operate at the highest standards; this is why the Van Excellence Small Fleet Programme is ideal for us. The programme provides us with an intuitive Fleet Management Software package, all of FTA's Van Excellence information and support, including access to their Member Advice Centre.

We also have the opportunity to be audited when we're ready, with a view to becoming a Van Excellence Scheme Operator - all for £40 a month!"

Further information

For more information and an insight into how the Small Fleet Programme has helped Ajax Couriers, take a look at their Case Study.

Please complete the Small Fleet Programme Enquiry and we shall get back to you with advice on how this would work for you.